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Sabah Mashaly

Chairman of the Egyptian Electricity Transfer Company (EETC)

She started her career in Cairo University then she moved to electricity sector since 1989 until now.She joined the minister office since 2001 and she has been promoted till she finally became first undersecretary for developing performance and political communication.
Mashaly is a board member of the General Authority for the Economic Zone of the Gulf of Suez.
She is a board member of the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, Egypt Regulator, and the high council of Egyptian Engineers Syndicate. Moreover, She is a member of many International Electrical Associations like CERED, Sigre, IEC, in addition to, she represents North Africa region in the AFSEC organization.
She has been graduated 1986, Cairo university, faculty of engineering. She also graduated from Harvard Business School and Military Nasser Academy as well.