Executive Director – National Training Academy of Egypt

Dr. Rsacha is the 1st Executive Director of the National Training Academy of Egypt (NTA). NTA is a development organization founded by the Egyptian Government that aims at forging an outstanding class of managers and professionals from the youth who will lead the development of Egypt and the MEA region with full integration in the world economy, achieving a sustainable and equitable economic growth.

Dr. Rsacha has 20+ years of professional experience with international organizations with solid networking skills, multilingual capability, multicultural exposure and strong academic records.
NTA serves as a center of excellence and a reference point for satisfying a wide range of educational, training and research needs for government bodies, corporations and individuals that will set the standards of quality for the region in line with top-league institutions around the world and will value diversity while respecting the traditions of the region.

She has been the Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Planning at ESLSCA, the leading European Business School, for the MEA region from 2010 to 2018. She has also acts as the Dean of ESLSCA International Business School, in Kampala- Uganda since year 2013.
Prior to this she has acted as the Director of Regional and International Relations of the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences in Amman-Jordan from 2002 – 2008.
In addition to having occupied the position of CEO of the Small and Medium Enterprises Center at Amman- Jordan, as well as the Business Development Officer of the Operational Unit for Development Assistance of the UNDP.

Dr. Rsacha also has been a consultant for a strategic educational endeavor aimed at developing the educational and training sector in Egypt with McKinsey and Co.
She also worked with YAYSAN Pahang organization at Pahang – Malaysia to develop and execute an Entrepreneurship Program for Malaysian students studying in Egypt.

Born in Cairo in March 8, 1973, Dr. Rsacha obtained a PhD in marketing from the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences in 2007.

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