Randa El Masry

Responsible for the BISSE Human Values program in Egypt - BISSE Human Values program in Egypt

About Me

An Egyptian mother of two is continuing a long family tradition of serving Egypt. Her Grandfather Abdel Azim Beik was one of the main founders of Bank Misr and biggest shareholder. Her great grandfather El Masry Pacha El Saady was one of the leaders of the 1919 uprising. With her family background in mind, Randa always wanted to find a way to serve her country. She found her calling in her quest to teach Human values to public school teachers.  In 2008, Randa started teaching children in public schools the concept of Human Values through NGO’s hoping that it will change their behavior and attitude towards society.  In 2010 Randa took courses in England to become a Trainer of Trainers (TOT). She became responsible for the BISSE Human Values program in Egypt, getting accreditation from OCN London, UK, in the Human Values Training Program. Randa continued developing her level of awareness by acquiring 675 credit hours on Spiritual Psycho Therapy from Intuitive Energetics of Canada. These studies helped her even more in the training of teachers.  Continuing education she acquired two degrees in the field of Homeopathy from M.L.C.Hom (Member of the Lakeland College of Homeopathy), UK and received a diploma from the prestigious International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Greece. Randa graduated from the American Universe in Cairo, in 1971 with a BA in Political Science and Economics, she then studied privately Egyptology, Greco Roman Egypt, Coptic Egypt and Islamic Egypt and worked as a Tourist guide for 10 years in English, French and German languages. After leaving the touristic industry Randa continued her education privately by acquiring a Masters degree and a PHD in Holistic sciences.

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