Eng. Ola Balbaa

Wells Engineer, BP, MSc, Renewable energy

About Me

Ola is a Wellsite drilling engineer in BP, one of the top energy companies in the world, she works on offshore and onshore rigs managing more than 120 personnel to develop gas wells in the Nile Delta. Ola seeks a leadership role in her career bringing her vision of immediate and strategic value and development. Ola is a graduate of Gas and petrochemicals Engineering, class 2012, Alexandria University, Egypt, and a Master of Science degree holder in Renewable energy, Alexandria University, Egypt. After Graduation, she has taken a research engineer role in Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology. In this regards, she worked in Kyoto and TokyoTech Universities on related joint research Projects, working in besides managing her own research as well. She was Awarded by Switchmed Entrepreneurship Program, sponsored by the United Nations and Minister of Commerce for her startup Project proposal “Wara’a” Paper recycling in Educational Institutes.

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