Nirvana Shalaby

Senior Vice President – NerhadouPMT

About Me

Mrs.Nirvana Shalaby is the founder of NerhadouPMT. She is a renowned name in the Private Egyptian Pharmaceutical Sector. She has a rich and unique knowhow and exposure in the Pharma Business Management. She is a Pharma portfolio founder as she runs several Pharma activities in the same time. Nirvana is an Entrepreneur in the sense of striving opportunities beyond resources controlled. Meanwhile Nervana’ management capabilities paved the way for small entrepreneurs to approach for “Participative Management “in their business…names of new companies for comarketing, that increases overall NPMT organizational efficiency and that blowupNPMT successful and sustainable in the competitive market environment. She is an expansion-oriented undertaker who takes the risk of expanding his business and face the challenge of managing such expanded portfolio. She took over the Corporate Management of Nerhadou International several interrupted periods during xxx, thus she is familiar with the overall management of Medium Size Enterprises. Mrs. Nirvana Shalaby is nominated as the president of the company because of her exclusive ownership being 99% from issued Capital and, her particular qualifications. Nirvana has got her Bachelor degree of Major Mass Communication class 1991 from AUC then obtained MBA ESLESCA Business School, Class 2006. She attended several training seminars to enhance its management capabilities i.e. Salesforce Effectiveness certified by Alan LLYODS, Team Building that is certified by Dale Carnige and Governors of Family Business certified by the American University of Egypt. Nirvana is a unique singular model who started her work exposure prior to AUC Graduation in 1991 as a sales Representative through joining CITA a national IBM partner. She was the right arm of the family entrepreneur Dr, M Shalaby in developing Nerhadou International in 1997. Started as key executive in constructing Nerhadou Int. through own finance w/o any external finance. She holds several key positions in the family setup starting as Treasurer during 1999-2001. Throughout the years 2001-2007 she was responsible for both Distribution and Financial departments and succeeded in establishing a very powerful distribution channels plus a stable Bank Portfolio. In years 2008-2010Nervanamoved to Dubai establishing a new Nerhadou Branch; Nerhadou-Ras Elkhaima to work as an exporting center of Exporting goods from China to Egypt. Since 2010 till recent, she was back to Egypt to be responsible for Nerhadou Int. as a Senior Vice President for Sales, Promotion and Distribution managing more than 400 employees in Promotion, Sales & Distribution.

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