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 Nevin Elgendy, author of the 2020 newly released Best Selling book Be, has made it a life mission of inspiring others, helping them find their ‘inner child’ and true, authentic self. Nevin, also known as niVo, is a Certified Life Coach under the tutelage of Dr. Martha Beck since 2014 and an independent certified leadership coach and speaker for the John Maxwell Team since 2017. Nevin founded her online coaching business, niVoforlife, in 2014 with the intention of guiding others towards living a happy and fulfilled life, reaching their Full Potential Self and their North Star.

Over the past seven years, Nevin’s motto of ‘Making Change Fun’ has come to life through her retreats, workshops, one-to-one sessions, blogs, and Vblogs. Her work has spanned across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America, influencing a large range of clients, from business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, corporate executives, research experts and individuals ‘working from home’.

In 2018, Nevin wrote and published a twelve week Manifestation Journal called ‘CREATE IT’. Since 2019, she began holding her first of many ‘live’ Webinars and has launched a Corporate Coaching program, as well as Online Talks, with the Forbes 500 companies Nestle and DELL.

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