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Nermine El-Tahri

Former Assistant Minister of International Cooperation, to oversee the file of small & medium enterprises.

Nermine El-Tahri, Joined the CBE in May 2016 since then she has been leading the CBE SME initiative with the local banks, private & public sector entities, local & international organizations and governmental ministries.
Nermine returned to Egypt from the United Kingdom in 2007, shortly thereafter, she joined Banque du Caire as General Manager of Business Development and Marketing.

During her tenure she has successfully contributed to the banks unsurpassed portfolio growth and profitability by revitalizing and launching new pioneering products, optimizing the existing infrastructure, maximizing employee effectiveness and enhancing customer satisfaction.
The previous decade, Nermine worked for American Express in the United Kingdom as Vice President Franchise Markets responsible for Business Development across the EMEA for the Global Network Services group, where managed Joint Venture partnerships in Switzerland, Belgium and the Middle East, Independent Operator relationships in Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Israel, Greece and South Africa.
During 1990-1995 Nermine worked for Citibank Canada, from 1986 – 1990 the Financial and Marketing Analyst for Xerox Egypt and 1983-1986 Financial Analyst for The Egyptian Financial Group in Egypt.
Throughout her career Ms. El Tahri achievements have consistently been appreciated and recognized. She is the recipient of numerous diverse Global & European Awards by American Express for Business Development & Transformation, Outstanding Performance, Innovation and Customer Commitment. Nermine was granted the CitiTops Excellence Award in 1991 for Citibank Canada and Excellence Award in 1986 from Xerox Egypt.
Nermine holds a BA in accounting and business administration from the Cairo University, equated from the University of Toronto. In her teens she was a member of the Egyptian national Junior Tennis team and her activities are confined in the realm culture, education and social responsibilities.