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Nadia Gamal El Din

Founder & CEO of Rahet Bally, and co-founder

Nadia Gamal El Din is Founder and CEO of Rahet Bally, a platform from home, trying to reach and support as many mothers as possible.
It all started when Gamal El Din gave birth to Yassin.

She does not have siblings and her friends did not have kids yet so she was looking for a place to answer her questions and offer her much needed new-mom support. She was surprised that there is not a single trusted, support platform for moms. And that was the trigger; Rahet Bally was born.

She started by visiting a huge number of doctors and experts to bring them on board to Rahet Bally, to offer moms on the spot answers to all their questions, free of charge, in numerous fields.
She managed to have over 100 doctors and experts in just one month. She was so excited and relieved to see moms going to sleep with some peace of mind because of Rahet Bally.
She then continued hustling and coming up with brilliant pillars to support moms; intellectually, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. She did it all with her baby boy. She took him to meetings, worked on her laptop with one hand and hugging him with the other. She had so much passion and willpower to bring every single mom peace of mind, because she deserves it.
Gamal El Din graduated from the American University in Cairo, top of her class, with highest honors, majoring in Business Finance. She formerly worked in P&G.