Financial Affairs Administrator at the Veterinary Medicine Directorate First class – Fayoum Governorate

Mrs. Mona holds the office of Senior Administrative Officer in the Financial Affairs Administration at the Veterinary Medicine Directorate, Fayoum governorate.  She also participated in the national dialogue’s meeting to draft law no 10 of 2018. She is also a member of the Nation’s Future Party.  Further, she voluntarily chose to positively impact the community’s well-being by supporting people with disabilities. In this regard, she significantly contributed to economically empowering them through a variety of efforts, among which are organizing artisanship workshops and exhibitions, and offering fee-free loans and prosthetic devices. As a member of the National Council for Women, she was responsible for supporting women with disabilities. She also participated in all the activities organized by the NWC, including the door-knocking campaigns.


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