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Maha Helali

Disability Consultant & Advocate at Arab Network for Autism “ANA”

Maha Helali is the Founder and Chairperson of the Egyptian Advance Society for Persons with Autism and Other Disabilities (ADVANCE), whom she established with the help of a group of parents in 1998. She is also a Member of the National Council for Disability Affairs.
In December 2004, Helali was chosen to be: the Coordinator of the Education Center for special Needs for “El Taalem lel Game3” program of the UNESCO Organization and an Advisory Committee for CCNGO-EFA-AR.
In 2006, the American University has honored Helali for her efforts for defending against special needs rights. And in 2007, she had got a fellowship from Ashoka organization.
Moreover, Helaly had established the Arab Autism Network and she holds the network Secretary-General position since 2009. She is also a Member of the development of basic education committee for the project “Al Akd El Ektemaay”.
In 2011, Helaly was elected as a President for the Egyptian Foundation for Experts and Supporting Educational Integration Organizations.  Also, she was elected in March 2012 to be President of the Comprehensive Containment Organization for the Middle East and North Africa.
She received her Masters degree in Inclusive Education and Special Education from the Institute of Education at London University, to establish a medical services center for children, whom are having learning difficulties in the year 1996.