Laila acts as a Country Rapporteur of the National Council for Women.  With regard to her professional career, she has successfully run for several offices related to PR, planning, and monitoring in the Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit in Fayoum where she recently held the position of Deputy General Manager.  Along 25-year political experience, she gained experience extending to 20 years in union work, receiving 255 workshops.  She earned a bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute of Cooperative & Managerial Studies, and later on enrolled in an accounting diploma program. Further, she has a significant social role, contributing to fee-free National ID Cards issuance for 240222 financially vulnerable women. This is in addition to providing loans for female breadwinners in collaboration with Small Projects Development Association In Fayoum to support 20000 families. She also held symposia at 1025 villages.

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