Heba El Sewedy

Founder of Ahl Misr Foundation

About Me

Heba El Sewedy is the Founder and Chairwoman of the Ahl Masr (People of Egypt) Foundation, Egypt’s first ever non-governmental organization that specializes in caring physically and psychologically for burn victims. She is a descendant of a famous and leading Egyptian dynasty in the industry of cables and electronics, as her father Helal El Sewedy is one of the founders of the El Sewedy Electric Company in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, originally established in the 1960s. She is an Egyptian humanitarian who is a prominent figure in the public life of Egypt and was recognized for her many initiatives and saving thousands. Some people refer to her as “Mother Teresa” of Egypt and “Mama Heba.” At the beginning of the 25 January Revolution, El-Sewedy took to the streets to see firsthand the needs of the injured who were falling by the dozen. Although she avoided the media and for years shunned publicity, she is widely credited for treating thousands of Egyptians. She was dubbed the “Mother of Egyptians.” She also took responsibility for treating approximately 4,000 injured victims from Libya along with looking after the families of those who lost their lives. In 2013, she founded Ahl Masr, a non-governmental organization mandated for social development in Egypt. Through its dedicated and diversified team, Ahl Masr has quickly risen to prominence to become a unique and effective organization, helping hundreds of burn victims all over Egypt. El Sewedy is also an investor and socially minded entrepreneur with a strong vision to reform the Egyptian healthcare sector. Currently, she is a major shareholder in the EL Sewedy Electric Group. In 1994, El Sewedy earned a Bachelor Degree in English Literature from King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. After graduation, she founded the Arabian French Textiles Company.

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