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Dr. Nawal El Degewi

Head of Board of Trustees of Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA)

Nawal El Degewi, Head of the Board of Trustees of Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA), believes that education determines the people’s future and determines the extent of their success.
She established educational institutions from elementary to university, of which ‘Baby Home School’ in 1958 and ‘Dar EL Tarbeya’ School in 1961 for basic education and she linked them to the British curriculum. In 1984, she founded the first Egyptian international school in England, West GreensTed College.
In addition, El Degewi founded the October University of Modern Science and Arts and she was interested in the development of society through the association “For our Country”.
She was even dubbed “Mama Nawal” for her efforts to develop generations and empower young people.
The American Universities Association granted El Degwy the Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy and Education. She also received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Greenwich in England in 2006 for her educational philosophy based on human development as a whole: mind, behavioral skills, taking advantage of leisure time, fitness, and development of the human spirit.
El Degwy received her Professorship degree from the British University of Middlesex in 2007 for her leading role in the development of the Egyptian education and adherence to international quality standards.