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Dr. Magda Iskander

Founder of Care with Love Association and Chairperson of Friends of Children with Cancer

Magda Iskander is a social entrepreneur; she is Founder of Care with Love Association, that trains recruits to provide quality health care and assistance for the elderly and other homebound. She is also Chairperson of Friends of Children with Cancer.
Additionally, she is the founder of Health and Hope Oasis, the first supportive care center providing and promoting nutritional, physical and emotional wellbeing for children with cancer and their families in an environmentally healthy and safe set up and is located in Wadi El Natrun.
Iskandar was an Ashoka: Innovators for the Public Fellow in 2003 and was nominated as Schwab Foundation Fellow at the Social Creators Competition in 2008.
In addition, she was honored by the Ministry of Social Affairs for her services to the elderly in the community.
In recognition of her social efforts, Iskander was invited to the then U.S President Obama’s Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in 2010. She also served as Honorary Member of the Clinton Global Initiative in 2011.
Iskander graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University and she studied and specialized in Radiology in the United States. In 1984, she discovered that ultrasound was not available in Egypt and began training young physicians on this technique and establishing training centers in Cairo. As a result, this experiment was useful to the Egyptian medical system.
She has created the profession of home healthcare in Egypt through training a cadre of providers to offer high-quality, affordable services to the elderly and others who are homebound. She trains young uneducated women to be home healthcare providers. In doing so, she is both meeting the needs of the homebound and creating jobs for women who lack other employment opportunities.
Iskander also works as the Vice Chair of Gouna Technical Nursing Institute and Member of the  Advisory Board in Habitat Egypt.