Executive Director – SETI Center (Support, Education and Training for Inclusion), the sector of Caritas Egypt NGO

Eglal Chenouda is Executive Director of SETI Center (Support, Education and Training for Inclusion), the sector of Caritas Egypt NGO that is concerned with improving the lives of persons with disabilities and their families and supporting them to be included in their community activities.

For over 30 years, Eglal has thrived to support persons with disabilities and their families in accessing their rights to equal opportunities in the Egyptian society. Backed by a strong and knowledgeable team, she has participated in leading SETI Center to earn the international Zero project award for Innovative Practices in Employment of Youth with Disabilities (Vienna 2017), as well as the AUC Nicholas Ciaccio award for Excellent Services for Children with Disabilities (Cairo, 2020).

She is also board member of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities since 2015, has been co-founder and general secretary for the network for Inclusive Education, later formalized into the Egyptian Foundation for Organizations and Experts supporting Inclusive Education. She was selected as civil society representative in the Ministerial committee for Inclusive Education (2010), the committee formed by the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood to draft Egypt’s Country Reports on state of Children in Egypt, the by-laws of the Child law (2008), the committee formed by the Ministry of Social Solidarity to draft the law of Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2017-2018), and the committee formed under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education in the framework of the law of Rights of Persons with Disabilities to oversee the implementation of its clauses (2020).

Eglal was consultant as member of SETI team in several pioneer projects, among which the Inclusive Education implemented by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with SETI Center and Save the Children (2003-2008) and following which the first decree of Inclusive Education was issued by the Ministry; the Early Childhood Enhancement Education Project implemented by the Ministry of Education and the Canadian International Development Agency; training of staff of Rehabilitation offices affiliated to the Ministry of Social Solidarity and staff of Medical committees affiliated to Ministry of Health on using tools for functional assessment of disabilities; training of staff of University Career Development Centers established by USAID and American University in Cairo in National Universities on making their action plans inclusive of students with disabilities in cooperation with International Labor Organization;  setting up an Arabized curriculum for training early educators and parents on using Montessori curriculum for children including children with disabilities; issuing of a hard copy as well as an online Directory of Rights and Services for Persons with Disabilities (SETI Center, Italian cooperation, Micorsoft, Mobinil).  She was also consultant to International Labor Organisation in the project Decent Jobs for Egypt’s Young People with a component aiming at mainstreaming youth with disabilities in decent and sustainable job opportunities..

Eglal authored or co-author several publications among which: a chapter describing SETI’s experience in the book “Early intervention: Practices around the World” (Odom, Hanson and Blackman (eds.), Brookes Publishing , Baltimore, 2003); Inclusion Guidelines for the Arab Child in Education and Society (Arab Council for Childhood and Development, 2016); the Guidelines for Inclusive Kindergartens (Early Childhood Enhancement Education Project and Ministry of Education, 2011), Language and My Child (SETI Center – Caritas Egypt 2006).

Eglal earned a master in Inclusion and Disability Studies (Institute of Education, University of London), following studies in Language and Communication Therapies from Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine,a BSc from the American University in Cairo minoring in Psychology. She is fluent in both English and French.


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