Medical doctor pediatric consultant

Dr. Amal is a pediatric consultant. She also chairs the department of education, communication, and medical awareness at Damietta Health Directorate. She is responsible for raising awareness on maternity health and child care. She also contributed to national campaigns, medical convoys, and workshops.  Further, she participated in voluntary activities. In this regard, she was delegated to hold the position of Secretary General of the Egyptian Association For Children Protection and committee rapporteur in the Damietta governorate.  She also has a role in a collaborative effort between the association and the Alliance For Arab Women to monitor domestic violence against women and children. She was also among the 150 signatories who called for integrating women into the judiciary system. She also supported promoting women’s well-being and combating addiction as a member of the National Council For Women. She earned a master’s degree in pediatrics from Al Mansoura University.

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