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Dalia Sadany

Member of the Parliament

Founding Chairperson of ASDA sustainable development association, President of International Association for Designers “IAD”

Dalia Sadany is an award-winning Egyptian architect and interior designer with extensive background and experience in Design-Build turnkey solutions. Sadany started her multidisciplinary design studio in 2006, winning 12 awards in 9 various fields of design in a span of 4 years, from interior design, arts and crafts and furniture to urban, landscaping and building structures. She specializes in Corporate Design with projects in Egypt and the Middle East.
In 2014, Sadany was elected President of the International Association of Designers (IAD) in Italy. She was the first female and Middle Eastern to be elected for this position. A year later she established ASDA Sustainable Development Association (ASDA), Egypt’s first nonprofit design hub, responsible for developing several cultural initiatives like Cairo Design Biennale, Future of Young Egyptians (FYE), Face of Egypt, and Egypt Educational Design Initiative.
In 2013, she founded the Future of Young Egyptians (FYE), an initiative that provides career building advice to undergraduate architecture and design university students. She also founded Building the New Egypt, an initiative aimed at spreading awareness of the importance of design in enhancing society as well as developing projects that contribute to improving Egypt’s architectural design landscape.
Sadany was ranked 12th in A’ Design Award Global Designer placing her in the highest echelon of designers in the Arab World in 2014.