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Azza Fahmy

Chairwoman and Creative Director – Jewelry of Egypt

Azza Fahmy’s journey began in 1969 as one of the most successful jewelry designers in the Middle East and she transmitted the culture of the East to the world through her distinctive style in jewelry design. With great effort and hard work, she has reached the world by attracting jewelry lovers across the globe. She worked as a trainee to one of the professionals in this occupation in Khan al-Khalili’s old market in Cairo during the 1970s. Then, she won a grant from the British Cultural Council for studying jewelry production at London Technical School. Fahmi was ranked as one of the most influential women in the Egyptian economy, representing her country Egypt during her journey around the world.

Fahmi has held more than 200 exhibitions around the world and she now possesses her own stores in Egypt and Jordan and retail stores in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Washington, and UK.