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Abir Leheta

Chairman and CEO Egytrans

Abir Leheta was appointed as Chairman and CEO of the Board of Directors of Egytrans in June 2015. With this role, Leheta has been tasked with developing strategic and structural opportunities to further increase the resilience, agility and growth of Egytrans, one of the leading companies in the area of transport and logistics in Egypt.
Leheta has strong business acumen and thorough knowledge of the Group’s various businesses gained through over 20 years of experience in various leading positions within the group. Leheta joined Egytrans in 1994 as Head of Software Development moving through the ranks over the years to hold different positions with increasing responsibility. Prior to her appointment as Chairman, Leheta held the position of Chief Strategy Officer responsible for the development and implementation of the strategic direction of the Company.

Leheta has been a member of the board of the Egyptian Transport and Logistics Company (ETAL) and Egytrans Depot Solutions (EDS) since 2009 till her appointment as Chairman in 2015. In addition she is a member of the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association (EBA), the Alexandria Businessmen’s Association (ABA) and the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham).
Abir Leheta holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Minor in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo. Leheta went on to attain accreditations in a number of areas including certifications in Quality and Organizational Excellence from the American Society for Quality (ASQ) , Risk Management from the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and Board Member Certification from the Egyptian Institute of Directors (EIOD).

During 2015, the council had succeeded in releasing many projects and development initiatives in a number of economic aspects, like “Entaleq”; an initiative based on leading businesses and adopting youth’s ideas, facilitating financing, developing youth’s economic ideas, and finding encouraging financing bank.

In addition, the council has released the 1000 Factory project in the Fifth Settlement Area in New Cairo and the “Wazeftak Gamb Beetak” project, that supports small and medium enterprises and involves establishing 10 factories in every governorate across the country.

Abd EL Latif participates through the council in establishing a fund to support defaulted factories.

She has got her PHD in Economics from California University, USA.