Egypt, EU discuss launching joint business forum

In line with an official statement that was issued on Sunday, December 11, the EU Ambassador in Cairo, Christian Berger met with Ahmed Samir, Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, and talked over the prospect of forming a business collaboration that aims to enhance the African exportation and encourage more European investments in the Egyptian market.

During the meeting, they discussed the outcomes of the possible business forum, which is expected to build a strong link between Egyptian and European businessmen, with participation from commercial chambers, and business federations on both ends.

Additionally, Samir and Berger both consented to strengthen the mutual economic and political connections within the near future, as a motivation for European companies to involve more investments in the Egyptian market, and take advantage of the incentives that the Egyptian government provides in order to promote investments from international countries.

The Egyptian Minister of Trade indicated that the forum will display a series of great investment opportunities fueled by Egypt’s outstanding business environment.