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Ghada Wali

Graphic Designer

Ghada Wali had worked as a Graphic Designer in M17 Company, Fortune PromoSeven Company, and J. Walter Thompson Company.
She was ranked among the top 100 graphic designers in the world by the Applied Arts Institute, Chicago.  She was also classified in the year 2017 by Forbes magazine among the top 30 artists list, which specifies artists whom are younger than 30 years old.
Wali has won in Gretchen competition in Munich as well as two Adobe Design Achievement awards, and the Society of Typographic Arts Chicago considers her among the best 100 graphic designers in the world.
Besides her full-time work, she took the vow to contribute to the building of the future Graphic Design in Cairo, through the newly launched Graphic Design programme at the American University in Cairo where she is a teaching assistant.
Believing in the power of design, Wali continues to stretch her production of modern design work independently through projects that help in saving cultural heritage and identity and by combatting false beliefs by providing awareness to political issues and humanitarian causes. Her work has been featured in the F+F Schule Fur Kunst Und Mediendesign exhibition in Zurich.
Wali has graduated from the German University in Cairo, specializing in Graphic Design. She then had worked as a Graphic Design Teaching Assistant in the American University in Cairo.  She has got her master’s degree in Graphic Design from the Istituto Europeo di Design (Institute of Design – IED), Italy.