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Dalia Abdel Kader

Chief Sustainability Officer – Commercial International Bank (CIB), Head of sustainable Development committee at the Federation of Egyptian Banks

Dr. Dalia Abdel Kader was the Director of Marketing and Communications at Arab African International Bank (AAIB), as well as being the Founder and Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of “ We Owe it to Egypt” Foundation, the first community development institution to be set up by a banking institution in Egypt.
She is an expert in sustainability studies, corporate social responsibility, and branding.

Abdel Kader is the Chairperson of the Community Development Committee of Federation of Egyptian Banks. She is also a Member of the Executive Committee of the United Nations Global Compact initiative in Egypt and of the Superbrand Council.
Also the diversity and mix in her academic background, which includes political and economic sciences and national security studies with the professional practice in the banking sector, was the reason for her leadership in reviewing the intellectual framework governing the money industry, its relationship and balance with the environment and society since the early millennium.
Abdel Kader has been able to build a long record of achievements in transforming thought into action, which has led to the activation and deepening of sustainability policies by creating future initiatives, including her contribution to the establishment of a “sustainable” to encourage financial institutions towards sustainable development.
One of her most important contributions is the launch of the “Finance Humanization” approach, which introduces a new approach and vision for the financial industry that calls for the revision of traditional accounting systems and it has been introduced through TEDxAUC in 2013.
She holds bachelor and master degrees in Political Science from the American University in Cairo and PhD in Political Science from Cairo University.