“Solidarity”: cooperation with “civil society” to protect women and children and support people with disabilities


Nevine El-kabbag, Minister of Social Solidarity, said that the ministry is currently working on developing a national framework with civil society organizations, that includes all sectors of development, including social protection, health, education, women and child protection, economic empowerment, and support for the rights of people with disabilities, so that the work of organizations is within a framework and a scientific approach with targets.


She pointed out that women’s health is the health of the entire family and the health of society and the nation, and a woman’s health failure affects her psychological well-being, her marital happiness, the safety of her children and the quality of her life, calling on every woman to take care of the periodic examination of her health in general and her reproductive and psychological health in particular, and to support the warrior women with full force And determination, as support strengthens patience and firmness, and helps to overcome difficulties, no matter how massive and heavy they are.

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