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Dr. Lydia Gadalla

Psychological Consultant

Born in Egypt and raised in Kuwait from a very young age, Lydia Gadalla discovered her passion and fascination for the intricacies of human behavior early on when she was introduced to the subject of psychology in Junior High School. After graduating high school with an American High School diploma, she knew that the field of psychology was all she wanted to delve deeper into.

She majored in psychology at the American University of Cairo where she graduated with Honors. During those years, she chose not to declare a minor as she wanted a taste of anything and everything that touched upon human behavior and/or its explanatory theories like sociology, anthropology, and philosophy. Her last two years at AUC were consumed with practical work at Behmen Psychatric Hospital and Hope Village Orphanage for boys where her passion found a place to manifest into the improvement of the lives of others.

Two years after graduation, she became the wife of a diplomat and started the journey of marriage and motherhood. She was fortunate to have lived in various parts of the world including Lebanon, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Tunisia. A mother of three boys, with the challenges and opportunities to raise them in several different cultures, her zeal for learning and understanding the cultures behind the behaviors and the behaviors behind the cultures only added to her already existing obsession with psychology.

Within the last couple of years of her 20 years of traveling, she managed to complete her post graduate studies in psychology at Roehampton University in London.

Six years ago, she finally settled in her homeland, Egypt, where she has become a regular full time practitioner specializing in adults and young adults. For the past 4 years she was a guest on several tv shows discussing the topics of depression and anxiety at length. She also maintains a functional and instrumental instagram page (@psychologistlydiagadalla) where she addresses practical problems in our daily lives as well as their solutions. Recently, she has become a regular guest every Thursday on MBC Masr for her opinions on various matters pertaining to human behavior.


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