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Yasmina Abou Youssef

VP for procurement, marketing and communications at Shores Hotels, and co-founder of Fathet kheir

Ms. Abou Youssef is also an active philanthropist and social entrepreneur. She is currently spearheading a comprehensive development project in Istabl Antar.
Ms. Abou Youssef is leading Tawasol Egypt initiative where the products designs are inspired by traditional Egyptian arts and crafts, and they areall hand-made using locally sourced materials and the perfect Egyptiangiveaways.
Tawasol products are made by women living in slum areas and informal settlements in Cairo in Istabl Antar, Ezzbet Khairalla, Batnel Baraa and Mokattam. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of our products are given back to these low income families that made them,either as artisans’ wages or to help sustain community development projects.
In addition to the Istabl Antar initiative, Ms. Abou Youssef is one of the founders of Fathet Kheir (FK), an Egyptian NGO established in 2000 to assist the families living in Al Hadaba Al Wosta in the Moqattam area.
Ms. Abou Youssef has been also very active during her university years.She led a literacy initiative in May 1997 providing English and Arabic courses to AUC’s maintenance personnel, security guards, lab assistants and drivers. Student, faculty, staff and alumni gain volunteer experience as teachers and learn the importance of social responsibility.  while at the same time helping AUC staff acquire language skills that will last a lifetime.
Ms. Abou Youssef graduated from the American University in Cairo(AUC) in 1999 with a Bachelor& degree in Integrated Marketing and Communication (IMC). She was a member of the Folklore Dance Troupe,and the Model United Nations program and Model Arab League. And now the mother of Baheya and Ghalia.