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Sara Hamouda

Research Analyst on SDGs/Agenda 2063 and Regional Coordinator for North Africa Region at the African Union Secretariat for Peer Review Mechanism

Sara Tawfik Hamouda, the first Egyptian and north African official to be appointed at the African Union Secretariat for Peer Review Mechanism in Johannesburg, South Africa. The APRM is a self-peer assessment of governance policies and sharing practices by member states of the African Union as well as monitoring and evaluating the AU member states’ commitment to Agenda 2063 ‘Africa We Want’.
Ms. Hamouda works as a Research Analyst for the Agenda 2063 and SDGs and acts as a focal point for the North Africa region. Earlier, she worked at the Cabinet of the Minister of International Cooperation in Egypt as a Senior Economic Researcher in charge of cooperation with the Arab & regional financial institutions, and China from 2008-2015.
She also received a trainee-ship program at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg from 2017-2018, of which she provided policy analysis and research regarding the EIB role outside the EU, especially in the southern Mediterranean region in various issues such as migration, donors’ relations, and economic resilience in the neighboring countries.
Academically, she has a diversified background in Political Sciences, Development, Peace studies, and European Union affairs. She holds a MA of Arts in International Development from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, a Diploma in Peace promotion and disarmament from the University for Peace and Vienna Center for Disarmament and a Bachelor’s in Political Sciences from the Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences, Cairo University. She is also an alumnus of College of Europe in Warsaw.