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Rana Abbadi

Business Transformation Advisor and Board Member – Tranformation Advisory

Rana Abbadi had assumed the role of Transformation and Business Advisor at the United Bank of Jordan since October 2018. Prior to this, she was appointed as the Executive Vice President of Government Relations and Sales at Orange Egypt in December 2011.

Abbadi has over 25 years of leadership and managerial experience with the telecom, audit and finance sectors in operation and finance , internal controls and governance, negotiations, conflict resolution, strategic planning, budgeting, public relations, management of programs, and effective leadership.
In her career with Orange Egypt, Rana held the following positions: VP of Quality and Corporate Support, VP of Transformation, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Finance. She was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Orange Egypt in July 2003.
Abbadi’s substantial knowledge and experience with the telecom industry, the operator business in Egypt and abroad, as well as her business leadership, working with investors, board of directors, banks, private and government entities in Egypt, paved the way for her visionary leadership role in creating a new Regulatory and Wholesale function at Orange Egypt to meet the new challenges in the competitive environment, business alliances, management concepts and drive for success.
Prior to that, Abbadi lead a professional team dedicated to build on and carry forward the quality and transformation initiative across all company functions to enable Orange Egypt to venture into a new era of enhanced services, service delivery and improved quality and efficiency through the coordination of all business activities and processes.
She is an experienced Finance and Operations professional with multinational, regional and local experience; holding various management positions in Jordan’s Fastlink, the Welfare Association, and Deloitte and Touche, to name a few.
Abbadi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration.