Professor of criticism & artistics appreciation at Port-said University

Vice president for community service, environmental development

Maha is a Professor of Criticism & Art Appreciation at the Faculty of Art Education. She also assumes the position of Vice-President for Community Service and Environmental Development. She completed her post-graduate studies after earning her bachelor’s degree with an excellent grade from Helwan University. Her significant career path started by joining the Faculty of Specific Education, Port Said University. She continued to receive higher academic ranks. She was elected as the Faculty Dean for 3 years. She also held various senior-level administrative positions in the faculty, supporting education quality insurance and accreditation, and combating violence against women. She also had an editorial contribution as the Editor-in-Chief of a semi-annual academic journal. She chaired the 6th edition of the faculty’s international conference about the future of specific education in Egypt and the Arab region; in addition to taking part in various academic conferences and workshops. She also conducted a special case study about the history of local and international famous museums.

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