Founders and Managing Directors – Kanjo Design House

Nourhan & Dayana Kanjo , two rising professionals who made their print in the field of interior design with their splendid and dazzling approaches , decided to collaborate and launch Kanjo Design House in 2017 ; a design house that swims against the tide and stands out in a very crowded field. Blending their personal taste , mixed culture and professional experience, The two sisters deliver sophistication that reshapes the interior design concept in Egypt. Certified by the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA) and graduates of Bachelor of Architecture & Interior Design , creating bespoke designs that reflect their clients’ lifestyle & electric styles. With their distinct styles of implementing aesthetics which complement both residential and commercial interiors for small, medium and large scale projects that they bring in Kanjo, they make sure their crafts protects and embrace the environment. By their passion for good functional design and their dedication to esteem Kanjo, Nourhan and Dayana continually pursue authenticity leaving a mark in the field not only in Egypt, but globally.

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