CEO of Osraty Association in Beni Suef

Nagz Arafa acts as the CEO of the Osraty Association in Beni Suef in an effort to take positive action to limit climate change and harness the community’s wellbeing.  Previously, she worked as a financial and administrative manager at the Local Popular Council in Beni Suef till she retired. Since then, she has been carrying out community development activities since 2000. Later on, she founded and chaired an NGO, Osraty Association. The focus areas of the association has been education and women’s financial empowerment. This is in addition to integrating people with disabilities into society and establishing partnerships with Elaraby Foundation for Social Development for providing financial and in-kind aid to vulnerable groups. Her volunteering efforts have been recognized and awarded by several institutions including the National Council For Women, Social Solidarity Decorate, Wayana Foundation, and Misr El Khair Foundation.

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