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Nadia Abdo

Former Governor of Baheira Governorate

Nadia Abdo was the first Egyptian women to serve as Governor of Baheira Governorate in 2017.
Under her capacity, Abdo succeeded in lowering the infection rates of hepatitis C among the residents of Baheira Governorate, given her experiences in the drinking water industry and in the establishment, development, and management of drinking water plants and networks. She also succeeded in increase the number of the drinking water stations and taking enough precautions against torrents.
Abdo was the first woman in the Arab world to name as Chairperson of the Alexandria company for Water and Wastewater from 2002 to 2012.
The Muslim and African Women’s Fund nominated Abdo for the Best Human Sciences Award in recognition of her efforts in the water field and humanitarian work in Alexandria.
Moreover, Abdo took over several positions, such as a Technical Deputy of the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria from 1992 to 2002, a Consultant in the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation, a Deputy Governor of Baheira in August 2013. She was also Vice Chair of the Supreme Council of Elders of the Arab-African Council for Integration and Development.