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Mona Yassin

Non-executive board member at Egylease.

Yassin has a wide experience in the banking sector. Sheheld the position of Vice Chairman, Banque du Caire, to be the first female appointed to a high post in the national Egyptian banks.
She also served as Country Chief Officer for Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) in Iraq and Board Member – non-executive, Banque du Caire. In addition, she worked as Senior Credit Officer and Country Risk Manager at Citibank Egypt.

Moreover, she is also the Founder and Vice Chair of the Egyptian Association for the Protection of Competition; an NGO established in Cairo, Egypt in September 2011 as well as Chairperson at inception of the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA).
She holds a bachelor degree in Economics from the American University in Cairo June 1971 and received an Investment Appraisal and Management Diploma from Harvard University August 1995.