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Miryam Ahmadi, born June 12, Egyptian filmmaker known for her different and modern topics. She is ambitious, bold and talented. Ahmadi latest series was “ 60 minutes “ a mysterious / thriller show on Shahid platform and it was very successful, interaction was very interesting as it was different in the storyline, acting, cinematography and editing, it was a big hit.

Ahmadi graduated in 2006 from Mass communication and worked as an assistant director for years, her first directing experience was 2014 “ انا عشقت  “ and since then she is directing tv series ” الحربايه ” ,”ستيفا” tv commercials and programs. As she codirected in the following “ طرف ثالث/ مواطن اكس / اسيا / السيده الاولي “

Ahmadi lately likes to work on different topics that were never discussed on screen before, “ لازم أعيش  ” discussing vitiligo with an indirect message of ; “ stop bullying “ and “ 60 minutes “ discussing the idea of sexual and mental abuse and harassment, those 2 were her favorite.

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