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Mennatallah Farid

Sub Governor of Foreign Relations at Central Bank of Egypt

Mennatullah Farid had joined the Central Bank of Egypt in May 2006, with the Senior Manager of fixed income position in the reserves management department- market sector.

She had managed to play a significant role in testing and introducing new investment tools as well as building capabilities in the reserves management.

Mennatullah Farid also had participated in technical negotiations management about buying and selling deals; this had led her to be get international recognition.

She is also a Member of the Board of Directors in the United Bank. Mennatullah Farid had also worked as a Financial Analyst for 6 years for banking, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizers, Telecommunications sectors in International Lazard Office.

Mennatullah Farid also attended many work training programs in international investment companies, and central and international banks.

Mennatullah Farid has an MBA degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris in Business Administration.  Also, she obtained her Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Department of Administration & International Trade, French Department.