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Marianne Ghali

Chairperson and Managing Director of Sphinx Egypt

Marianne Ghali, Chairperson and Managing Director of Sphinx Egypt, has received her BA in Economics from the American University in Cairo.
She began her career at the University of Manchester in the UK then at Al Ghanem Industries Group in Kuwait.  Later, she worked in the field of electronic data systems where she mechanized the Kuwaiti social insurance system, and implemented the development and establishment of financial disclosure system Institute of Banking Studies in Kuwait.
Ghali has been managing the educational endowment funds of the American University in Cairo since 1990.
In 2005, Ghali entered into a partnership with Citadel Capital (currently Qalaa Holdings) in order to establish Sphinx International to manage the mutual funds. In 2010, she launched Sphinx’s restructuring fund to invest in troubled Egyptian SMEs.
Ghali is also the treasurer of Qalaa Foundation Scholarship which seeks to provide scholarships for talented Egyptian students.