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Jilan Shindy

Jailan Shindy

Former Managing Director of Shindy & Associates

The late Jailan Shindy was the managing partner at Shindy & Associates Inc. The latter was established in 1986 as the first multi-disciplinary consulting firm in business, finance, and law in Egypt. It offers services in the areas of valuation, business development and financial restructuring. The company has also been renowned for its credit and finance training programs. The company offers its services to a wide range of companies as well as banks.
Mrs. Shindy started her career in 1987 as an analyst in the credit department at Chase National Bank, Egypt.
She has shared her knowledge with over 1000 credit officers from Egypt and abroad. Ms. Shindy also has joined the judgment panel of the CFA challenge several times over the last few years.
She holds a Masters degree in economics from the American University in Cairo and is specialized in investment and credit risk.