Group Corporate Credit Director – Sarwa Capital Investment

 Heba Elrify has over 20 years of executive leaders experience in banking & financial services sector. Supported by her leadership skills, solid academic and technical knowledge, her experience is gained mainly with international banks and financial institutions. Her aim is to continue to create and implement innovative projects as well as capacity building of professionals of varied capacities in international financial institutions.

Since 1996, Heba Elrify assumed executive functions in Credit Management in Credit Lyonnais Bank, head Portfolio Quality in Enterprise Banking in Credit Agricole. Currently, Heba has accumulated diversified experience in the financial services field and is also a Faculty Member & Lecturer in Banking, Finance and management at the American University in Cairo – Department of Career Development.

Her experience includes technical achievements with international banks from MENA & Europeregions, such as Credit Lyonnais (France), Credit Agricole (France) and National Bank of Abu-Dhabi (UAE), Sarwa Capital Investments that is majority-owned by a USAID fund (USA).

Her focus of professional interest includes risk, credit, operations, distressedassets, audit, policies & procedures and corporate governance, designing corporate credit risk policies, strategies, workflow & procedures. Just to name a few, Heba Elrify led several financial turn-around projects throughout the entire cycle from concept and drawing stage to successful completion of projects such as the M & A of several financial institutions including banks, process automation of work flow for risk management, implementation of Basel requirements on bank level and setting-up of operating systems for the purpose of operating, monitoring & reporting of diversified banking activities. Her experience also spans assets portfolio development and management and membership in Executive Committees in financial institutions.

Heba Elrify attained her Master’s Degree in 2010 in Banking & Finance from Maastricht University–The Netherlands with focus on Credit Risk Modelling in Commercial Banks. She is a certified Professional Risk & Credit Management for Leasing since May 2017, certified Professional Risk & Credit Management for Corporate Banking since June 2007, certified Director and Governance Professional from IFC, UN & AUC since 2020, and certified Professional Executive Trainer & Instructor in Banking, Finance, Management, entrepreneurship and Corporate Capacity Building since 2013.

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