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Hala Abu Bakr

Chairperson and Managing Director for Financial Affairs for City Gas Company – A subsidiary of TAQA Arabia Group

Hala Abu Bakr is currently CEO of City Gas Company, a subsidiary of TAQA Arabia Group. She is also the CFO of TAQA Gas Group.
Abu Bakr has over 38 years of experience in the gas and petroleum sector.
In the last 21 years, Abu Bakr participated in developing and expanding the role of the private sector in the gas industry.
Abu Bakr is considered as one of the first founders of the industry, by launching the first LDC Company of City Gas in 1996, Ginko Group in 1998, House Gas in 1999, Master Gas in 2003, and Engineering Gulf of Suez Co. (Egusco) in 2003.
She has also participated in the acquisition of Ripco in 2001. In 1981, Abu Bakr received her bachelor from the Faculty of Commerce, Accounting Department at the Cairo University. She has held numerous responsibilities in accounting, trade, and information technology.