President & Ceo – Enactus Egypt

Fatma received a Licentiate in Simultaneous Interpretation from Al-Azhar University and started her professional career as a Management Trainee at Chase National Bank. She served in that capacity for six years and then embarked on her own business venture as an entrepreneur when she founded the 1st T&R (Translation and Recruitment) Business Center in 1985. Her business helped multi-national companies recruit staff and managers and offers translation and other business services. Fatma is the founder of Enactus Egypt (Formerly SIFE). She launched SIFE operations in Egypt in 2004 starting with 4 academic institutions and 120 university students enrolled in the program. Currently, 6700+ students joined the program representing 54 governmental and private universities. Fatma has seen her efforts materialize into consecutive wins for Egyptian teams at the SIFE World Cups in 2009 and 2010. At 2010 SIFE World Cup event in Los Angeles, Fatma was recognized as one of two highest performing countries in the African Region. SIFE Egypt has the highest active students in Africa (1,593) and the highest average students per team (84)

In October 2012, Fatma received the Jack Shewmaker Leadership Award at 2012 Enactus World Cup with a Country Index Score of 5.0 out of 5.0. In addition, Egypt was ranked the 1st Runner-Up.

Under Fatma’s leadership, Enactus Egypt was announced the 2018 2nd Enactus World Cup Runner at San Khose and The 2019 World Cup Champion, bringing the Cup back to Egypt.

Enactus Egypt is the most renowned student activity at 54+ Egyptian university closing the gap between academic education and labor market, developing the communication, presentation leadership skills, team work and spreading entrepreneurship among university students by implementing outreach projects improving the quality of life and standard of living and adopting the UN SDGs.


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