Human Development Consultant

Eng. Heidi Samir chose a career path more impactful on community development through institutional structuring, taking up the position of Independent Human Development Consultant. Besides, she serves as a Vice Reporter of the National Council for Women I in the Fayoum governorate. She works as the General Director of the Agriculture Directorate in Fayoum. Further, she acts as the Founder and the CEO of El-Tareek NGO. Eng. Heidi also chaired the basic education and literacy action group for Rotary District 2451. Additionally, she works as a communication officer of the “Enhancing Gender Mainstreaming for Sustainable Rural Development” program in the Fayoum governorate. Throughout her career journey, she remarkably contributed to promoting rural areas and supporting women’s empowerment and literacy. In this regard, she held various positions as a Consultant for the Farmers Field School project launched by the General Administration of Irrigation in collaboration with GIZ, and institutional coordinator at Care International in Egypt.  She also worked at various international UN organizations, including the FAO and ILO, in addition to the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. She also held various c-suite positions at Rotary Club. She also gained international knowledge in crisis management, effective leadership, and TOT. She also participated in various Dutch cooperation programs, along with outlining the CLE curriculum map for people with disabilities.

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