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Dr. Mona Mehrez

Former Deputy Minister of Agriculture

Mona Mehrez has been appointed as Deputy Agriculture Minister for Animal, Fish, and Poultry Wealth in June 2018.  Dr. Mona is Head of research at Animal Health research institute, and Chairperson of Cairo Three A company

Mehrez served in several positions such as: Head of General Federation of Poultry (GFP) produce, Advisor and Head of the Agriculture office at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Washington. She also headed the Central Department of the External Agriculture Research Center for Production Affairs, as well as the Coordinating Committee for the Sustainable Development in African projects.
In addition, she served as National Adviser to the Nutrition Improvement and Food Security Projects in Egypt for Women, Youth, and Nutrition along with Food Security Expert.
Moreover, Mehrez was the Head of the Research Team in a World Bank-funded project to combat Avian Flu, and in a FAO-funded Avian Flu project. She also headed a project for environmental pollution assessment in avian flu markets funded by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Mehrez graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Cairo University.  She received a master’s degree in Poultry Pathology from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, at Cairo University. She earned received another master’s degree in Poultry Pathology in the field of cancer diseases from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Cairo University in cooperation with the laboratory of poultry diseases and cancer tumor in Michigan, USA.
She received her PhD in Viral Tumors in chickens in 1994 from the University of Cairo.