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Dr. Mona El-Garf

Professor of Economics and Ex-Chairperson of the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA)

Mona El-Garf, former Chairperson of the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA), is considered one of the most influential women leaders impacting the Egyptian economy.
El-Garf was appointed as the ECA Chairperson in May 2012, making significant impact for four years of leadership by raising the awareness among companies and individuals about the importance of having equal competition and the damages caused by monopolistic practices.

She has also been able to make historical amendments to Egypt’s Competition Protection Law giving the ECA greater independence and ability to control and deter violators.
Under her leadership, ECA has successfully handled several high-profile cases of monopolistic practices, including a case against Issa Hayatou, the then president of the Confederation of African Football, for his broadcast rights agreement with Lagardère Sports. The authority had also pursued Qatar’s beIN Sports on charges of anti-competitiveness.
El-Garf resigned from the ECA presidency in May 2018. She then returned to teaching Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, International Trade, Public Finance, Economics of Energy, Feasibility Studies, Egyptian-European economic relations, and Competition Law and Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science in Cairo University.
She also worked as a Consultant for the USAID-led Egyptian Competitiveness Program Project from 2011 to 2012, and a Lead Economist to the Trade and Industry Minister’s office in 2004.
Moreover, El-Garf has published a lot of scientific researches such as “The Global Financial Crisis and its implications on the Foreign Trade Sector” and “The State of the Egyptian Economy”.