Member of the parliament

Dr. Mervat started her career path in the field of medicine. Following her graduation, she earned a master’s degree in obstetrics and gynecology and progressively achieved professional experience as Obs/Gyn Consultant.  She also acts as Secretary-General of the Doctors Syndicate Given her medical experience, she strongly contributed to community development, holding the position of party secretary at Nation’s Future Party; her efforts were also recognized by granting her a shield award. Along with her roles in several associations, Mervat has been elected as a Parliament member. Along with supporting the presidential efforts, she participated in setting up the constitutional amendments that were issued in 2019. She also witnessed several protocol signing ceremonies for promoting education. She also has active participation in the 100 Million Healthy Lives Initiative through various health awareness campaigns. This is in addition to her other efforts that have been exerted for supporting people with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

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