Director at the Department of Infectious diseases and surveillance – Fayoum Governorate

Dr. Marwa holds the position of Director of Surveillance of communicable diseases at the Preventive Medicine Department, Fayoum Health Affairs Directorate.  She started her career as an intern at a privately-owned pharmacy after she graduated from the faculty of pharmacy. Then, she joined Fayoum Health Affairs Directorate as a pharmacist at several medical centers. In 2015, she started a new position at the Preventive Medicine Department and was promoted later on to her current position. Since then, she successfully managed to head the Preventive staff support and on-site coordination to combat the Covid-19 crisis, along with providing relevant training and delivering status analysis reports. She also received various pharmaceutical training programs and TOT programs. Then, she delivered lectures on monitoring the surveillance of fever, rash, and flaccid paralysis.  She was assigned to coordinate programs to combat meningitis and Arbo Virus disease in the Fayoum governorate. She is also a former family medicine committee coordinator.

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