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Dr. Faiza Abu El Naga

National Security Advisor to Egyptian President

Faiza Abu El Naga is currently the National Security Advisor to the President of Egypt. She is called the iron woman; previously, she was the Minister of International Cooperation. She has been in the spotlight for the past 30 years for her wide international and political relations abilities.
Abu El Naga is the first woman in Egypt to hold the Ministry of International Cooperation post in November 2001. She had been in the ministry till the 25th January revolution. She was on the top 25 strong woman list by “Foreign Policy” magazine, while being ranked as the “US enemy” by the New York Times newspaper when she was chosen as the national security advisor to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Abu El Naga had started her diplomatic career in the 1970s; her first mission abroad was being in the membership of the permanent mission of Egypt in New York, US. And in 1987, Abu El Naga had joined the Egyptian defense team, headed by the Ambassador Nabil Elaraby.