Dean of the technical institute of tourism and hotels – Port-Said technological college

Eatemad brings an extensive academic experience in tourism guidance. Currently, she holds the position of the Dean of the technical institute of tourism and hotels in Port-Said. After her graduation, she started an elaborative academic career in tourism guidance as academic personnel.  She also holds C-suite professions as the General Manager of Tourism & Hotels Institution and the Vice-Chancellor of training and environment affairs.  She is also an education quality consultant in tourism and hotel management. She is also a staff member of TVET Egypt’s programs specializing in curriculum design and technical education. She also chaired the quality assurance unit at Tourism & Hotel Institute. She also was appointed as a board member at the Technology College in Port Said. She also extended her professional knowledge by enrolling in a number of international courses at Daytona State College, and the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. She also took part in various national and international conferences. She also contributed to harnessing the employability skills of the alumni of tourism and hotel institutes. She was assigned to hold various academic roles at Daytona State College, USA. She also brought the international experience she gained to the academic personnel to launch an electronic portfolio. Eatemad received various recognition letters from national and international entities for her dedication, as well as her efforts in raising awareness on tourism and Egypt’s historical legacy.


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