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Dr. Abla Abd EL Latif

Executive Director & Director of Research at the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies ( ECES )

Abla Abd EL Latif former Chairperson of the Consultative Council for Economic Development of the Egyptian Presidency. It is a council that had been established as an initiative by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to benefit from those who have experiences outside the executive branch of the state; it focuses on two key factors: an economic development and the reform of economic institutions.
During 2015, the council had succeeded in releasing many projects and development initiatives in a number of economic aspects, like “Entaleq”; an initiative based on leading businesses and adopting youth’s ideas, facilitating financing, developing youth’s economic ideas, and finding encouraging financing bank.

In addition, the council has released the 1000 Factory project in the Fifth Settlement Area in New Cairo and the “Wazeftak Gamb Beetak” project, that supports small and medium enterprises and involves establishing 10 factories in every governorate across the country.
Abd EL Latif participates through the council in establishing a fund to support defaulted factories.
She has got her PHD in Economics from California University, USA.