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Development of a Code of Ethics to combat sexual harassment and violence against women

During the Award Ceremony, Top 50 Forum has announced the Development of a Code of Ethics to combat sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women in the workplace in collaboration with the National Council for Women. The Financial Regulatory Authority announced the adoption of the Code of Ethics. 

The Code of Ethics is applied to the workplace. The definition of the workplace includes the original headquarters and locations, and other occasions in which their activities are carried out, such as conferences, workshops and meetings. The code applies to all male and female workers by focusing on the most vulnerable groups, such as women and persons with disabilities in the workplace, as well as participants and participants in events, and this includes everyone who engages in those events in any capacity. This ethical code complements the policies, regulations, laws, rules and procedures related to preventing harassment and violence in the workplace.

Realizing that all women face different forms of harassment and reflecting on their own experiences throughout the years, 300 successful women professionals decided to start from nothing to create safe spaces and environments for all women across Egypt.

As a result of hard work, dedication and excessive thirst for justice for all women, The Code of Ethics was prepared in cooperation with the “Fifty Most Influential Women Forum”, the National Council for Women and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development. Currently the Code of Ethics is being adopted by different Egyptian governorates and companies.

The Code of Ethics aims to prevent harassment, including sexual harassment and violence in the work environment by providing practical guidance on implementing measures to prevent harassment, including sexual harassment, violence and discrimination in the workplace, in implementation of the provisions of the constitution, the Penal Code, and other relevant laws.