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Amany Hamed

Chairperson of OKAZ Stockbrockers & Investment

Amany Hamed is the Chairperson of Okaz for Asset Management, Okaz Securities Management, and Okaz Financial Investment. And with her efforts, Okaz Financial investment was able to be distinguished in the money market area as a company that hinges on a long professional experience and efficiency.

Hamed has started her career teaching Economics and Business Management, then she went to work in 1991 in her father’s office, Dr. Mohammed Hamed, the former Stock Exchange President.

And in 1993 till 1998, she held the Managing Director position for Okaz Financial investment.

Hamed has participated with an effective role in the development of the Egyptian Capital Market, serving as Board Member at the Egyptian Stock Exchange from 2003 to 2006. Additionally, she is a Founding Member for ECMA – Egyptian Capital Market Association (ECMA) and had served as a Chairperson of the Stock Exchange Committee in the association for six years as well. Also, Hamed has been a Member of the American Chamber of Commerce. and she was the Chair of the Investment and the Banks Committee for 2 years in the chamber.

Moreover, Hamed has graduated from the American University in Cairo with a bachelor’s degree with Honors in Economics. Then, she has got her master’s degree in Economics from the American University in Cairo; She is also a graduate of the German School in Egypt. Hamed has attended several training courses in the money market field in Egypt and the USA.