Project Description

Director of Workshop Programs & Residency – Orient Productions

Co–founder – Studio Emad El Din Foundation


Nevine El Ibiary, co-founder of Studio EmadEldin is a veteran performance artist and an advocate of theatre and the role of women across all disciplines of theatre, arts and culture.


Her work over the past two decades has been a source of inspiration for many young amateur artists seeking a safe haven to express their emotions, surfacing many untapped talents. The vision behind Studio Emad El Din is to present the community with an artist space that is easily accessible and strengthens sense of belonging and community. Young artists are able to rehearse, get guidance and mentorship and are exposed to international and regional artists through the series of workshops delivered at the studio.


El Ibiary made sure to cultivate talent and transfer technical skills to women looking to have an active role in the economy through several targeted workshops and training programs. Over the past 15 years since launching her workshops, El Ibiary played an active role in educating and mentoring over 2000 women, encouraging them to participate in all kind of jobs, providing a gender segregation free environment.

To ensure continuity and allow for real life application of workshop material, El Ibiary went on to establish 2B Continued Laboratory and Festival in 2008. 2B Continued is a program and biannual festival that brings together the best participants from the Emad El Din workshops to produce four new works in theatre and dance, giving them an opportunity to earn money while further develop their skills in real life situations.

2B Continued Festival is the first festival to allow the audience to vote for the artists and hence educating and raising awareness among a wider audience about the different aspects that create a theatrical piece. With this, El Ibiary hopes to expand the circle and interest in theatre and performing arts building a community that provides exposure and networking opportunities.

In Jan 2019, El Ibiary through Studio Emad El Din working in cooperation with Tawasol foundation developed the “Backstage programme” in Ezbet Khairallah. The programme is an activity aimed at providing theatrical production training to the young inhabitants aged 14 -18yr of Ezbet Khairallah, an underprivileged neighborhood in Cairo. Through high level professional training in the technical side of theatre – light design, set design, and stage management, her initiative prepares the next generation of theatre professionals allowing many “Backstage Theatre” trainees to professionally establish themselves within the industry, through the 2B Continued festival.

Nevine El Ibiary has a BA in Theatre from the American University in Cairo (AUC) where she directed several plays and worked in various student and university productions. Over the years, she has worked across all aspects and divisions in theatre from costume design, stage management to acting, producing and directing works both in Egypt and abroad.

Since her graduation in 2000, Nevine El Ibiary has been working with the Temple Independent Theatre Company, as Assistant Director and tour manager with the company’s productions in Europe and the Middle-East. In 2005, she co-directed Mother I want to be a millionaire, and in 2006 About Othello or who’s afraid of William Shakespeare with Director Ahmed El Attar.

El Ibiary also produced and managed several projects with the Ford Foundation and the Young Arab Theatre Fund. She previously managed SEE Foundation’s two-year Euro-Arab Exchange Project funded by the European Commission and in partnership with various institutions in Europe and the Middle-East, which furnished her with the experience and exposure she brings to her current position as Director of Workshop Programs and Residencies of Orient Productions.

She is also the founder and director of 2B Continued Laboratory and Festival and consults and participates in a number of projects under Orient productions such as DCAF (Down Town Contemporary Art Festival) and Temple Theater Company – Maktabi (co-working office spaces).